red abstraction

The background and the context of this digital abstraction  can be found in this post on the Encounter Studio  photo blog. The image, which   is another fragment in the abstraction series, delights in colour. 

A digital image  poses a problem:  Is the  digital work  its file, encoded and encrypted and clearly mathematical, or is it  a fulfilled, material expression of that file?  Or is it both of these? The key is the integration of  photography into the network milieu with the emergence of new practices for circulating and archiving everyday images (eg., on Flickr). The  makes the photograph's   condition one in which the image increasingly functions as a form of data regulated by statistical/algorithmical processes.

sea abstract #5

Another image  in the sea abstraction series that emerges from  my daily walks along the coast of the southern Fleurieu Peninsula: 

This  was made in the summer of 2018 whilst on an afternoon  poodlewalk with Maleko. I recall that I got very wet as  a large wave swept over my  feet and legs. 

Below  is the converted black and white version of the digital file:

There is not that much difference between these two interpretations. 

As can be seen from the earlier images in this series---- hereherehere and here--- I   do struggle with this series. Their emergence from my daily walks indicates that  these  abstractions reject the common  view that  abstraction is a withdrawal from the modern world, almost a safe house for art. Maybe this series refers  to chance---standing on the rocks amongst  the swirling sea waiting for  the formation of  a visual form/image?