Quartz abstraction #9

This quartz abstraction was made recently on  an afternoon poodlewalk with Maleko. The walk was along  the coast in Waitpinga, on the southern Fleurieu Peninsula South Australia.  

During early autumn it has  been cloudy in the morning and , clearing around midday and sunny in the afternoon. It has been a while since  we have done this  pm walk as the afternoon light has been too bright around 5-6pm. I was fortunate on this occasion. There  was afternoon cloud. 

salt abstraction #4

 This abstraction of  salt + coastal granite rocks was made whilst  I was on an afternoon poodlewalk with Maleko amongst some coastal rocks west of Petrel Cove on the southern  Fleurieu Peninsula of South Australia.  

It had been a hot summers  day and the small pools of water  that usually lie amongst the granite rocks from the  high tide in the morning had evaporated. I made a number  of studies of these salt abstractions that afternoon. 

quartz abstract #8

I was taken by the soft colours of the quartz vein amongst the coastal granite rocks  in the soft afternoon light:

Wirth summer just around the corner this part of the coast is still in sunlight between 5-6pm when I am on a poodlewalk. It is only rarely that there is cloud cover at this time of the day. This was one of those occasions.  

bark abstraction #4

The trunk of a  pink gum in the local bushland in Waitpinga:

This was  made  on my  last visit to this bushland in the early morning.  The grass seeds were everywhere and it was well nigh impossible  to walk with the poodles in the bushland. Kayla  ended up being  covered with grass seeds in the legs, ears and body.  It took me ages to pick them off her body. 

foam abstract #3

This picture is part of an ongoing  series  that depends on certain weather conditions along the littoral zone.  

 It was made on a poodlewalk during a a wild storm event. The tide was high, the  wind was  gusty and strong, and the waves were very high. It was quite dangerous making my way around the rocks west of Petrel Cove. We--Maleko and myself--- had to proceed with great caution.  

I made a video of the surging waves  using  my iPhone 6 whilst on this afternoon walk. The waves swirled around my feet as I sat on a rock making the video. 

quartz abstraction #6

 On the recent poodlewalks (in late July) I  have started exploring the local terrain  for some new images  for the forthcoming online Abstraction exhibition at Encounters Gallery in a couple of months. This is one possibility that I came across whilst walking along  the coastal rocks near the lookout at Kings Beach Rd in  Waitpinga. 

It is very low key as I have been busy with getting the Walking/photography exhibition ready  for the SALA Festival in South Australia  and making few  large format photos for the forthcoming Friends of Photography Group online  exhibition  in August.