granite abstraction #12

This  abstract photo  was made in January 2019 whilst I was on a coastal poodlewalk along the southern Fleurieu Peninsula with Kayla. The picture  or image was  made  in  the  early morning near from Petrel Cove in the summer light.

The word 'image’ often gets tied to the  arbitrariness entailed in individual perception and opposed to the external solidity associated in the vocabulary of ordinary language philosophy with the ‘picture’. Susan Sontag held that  images don’t tell us anything, they remind us what is important. This  implies that   the ‘image’ as a type of inner perception, or mental idea, impression or memory. 

This can be interpreted  along the lines that an image that exerts a hold and that lives beyond its medium presupposes an agent who is engaged by it, i.e., who finds it meaningful or significant. An image is a sensuous experience of meaning that organises a world.  It possesses a communicative force that is surplus to its perceptible form.

granite abstraction #11

This abstraction was made at  the bottom of the western edge of Kings Head, Waitpinga. It is almost to the point.   It was made whilst I was on an afternoon  poodlewalk in January, 2018:

At the time I  was struck by the light across  the face of the granite as well as the complexity of the shape of the granite formation.   The picture  was made with a digital camera,  and it was  a study for a  possible large format b+w photo. I've  never been  back  to do the b+w photo session as the Sinar f1 camera wasn't ready.  

quartz, lichen + granite

This abstraction  was a difficult image to make.  I had to wait until the late afternoon  for the light, and he quartz  was tucked behind some  granite rocks on the foreshore just east of Deps Beach and  it was not possible to put my body in the space between the granite and the quartz to obtain a low view:

So I had to lean into the space, try and balance my feet on some sharp edges and hold the Sony NEX-7 camera low. Thankfully the camera has a  fold out back  and so I could focus the image using it.