sea abstract #5

Another image  in the sea abstraction series that emerges from  my daily walks along the coast of the southern Fleurieu Peninsula: 

This  was made in the summer of 2018 whilst on an afternoon  poodlewalk with Maleko. I recall that I got very wet as  a large wave swept over my  feet and legs. 

Below  is the converted black and white version of the digital file:

There is not that much difference between these two interpretations. 

As can be seen from the earlier images in this series---- hereherehere and here--- I   do struggle with this series. Their emergence from my daily walks indicates that  these  abstractions reject the common  view that  abstraction is a withdrawal from the modern world, almost a safe house for art. Maybe this series refers  to chance---standing on the rocks amongst  the swirling sea waiting for  the formation of  a visual form/image? 

granite abstraction #11

This abstraction was made at  the bottom of the western edge of Kings Head, Waitpinga. It is almost to the point.   It was made whilst I was on an afternoon  poodlewalk in January, 2018:

At the time I  was struck by the light across  the face of the granite as well as the complexity of the shape of the granite formation.   The picture  was made with a digital camera,  and it was  a study for a  possible large format b+w photo. I've  never been  back  to do the b+w photo session as the Sinar f1 camera wasn't ready.