dark granite

This picture was made whilst I was on a recent  poodlewalk with Maleko along the coast rocks near Kings Beach Rd. It was towards the end of the walk and I was in a hurry. 

 It was in the late afternoon. The weather was changing. A sou-westerly wind had up, the clouds became darker, the light lessened,  and I could sense rain. So we quickly made our way back to the Subaru Forester, that was parked at the bottom of Kings Beach Rd.  

salt abstract

This was made on a poodlewalk  yesterday with Heather Petty, and Kayla and Maleko:

Heather, who is a Nikon DSLR photographer,  had a  new Sony premium compact camera with her,  which she was trying out before  she started to use it for her underwater  photography.  It was a Sony Cyber-shot DSC RX100V --with a fixed lens I think. It is compact in the sense that Heather could put the camera in her  pocket.  

The Sony DSC RX100V's   point and shoot characteristic makes it ideal for underwater photography.